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Come Back To Bonkle

When ye're tired o' money-makin'
When ye're seik o' gaitherin' gear
Turn your thochts to dear auld Bonkle
In the simmer o' the year;
Ye'll be longin' for the heather
Ye'll be packin' up your kit
To come back to Bonnie Bonkle
Wi' the blue sky over it.

When the sun is settin' yonder
There's a glory in the haze
Where the Auchter meets the Calder
At the fit o' Bonkle braes;
An' ye'll staun' until the twilight
On the auld gray brig o' stane
Jist to see the young leaves drinkin'
In the cool, refreshin' rain.

An' we'll tak' the road gin mornin'
To the muirs oor fore-folks trod
When they socht and focht for freedom
In the worship o' their God;
An' we'll staun' as aince they stood there
An' we'll steek oor een in prayer
For a blessin' on dear Bonkle
An' the hame-folks bidin' there.

Class IV. Advanced Division
Newmains P. School.

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