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Bonkle Church


Sunday School



Rev. G. Raeburn


01698 383858

Session Clerk

Mrs A. Pringle



01698 381614

Clerk to Board

Mrs M. Park




Miss A. Jenkins




Church Officer

Mr. J. Sinclair





J. E. Glen


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Church of Scotland

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St Brigid's, Newmains

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Motherwell Heritage Centre

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Shotts Library & Heritage Centre




01501 821556


Wishaw Library




01698 372325


Wishaw Press

Our local paper




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Links for Ancestry Search

Due to the number of requests for "Roots" we present the following list of links. I have not checked them all, so please let me know if any are wrong or have been removed. The list of Churches on the net (above, Church of Scotland etc.) may also be useful, as may libraries Heritage Centres etc. (above)
Please note that we CANNOT undertake ancestry searches. Our own church records are only of the Church Role containing the names of members and when they were removed (perhaps by death) and the Baptismal and Marriage Role. If you are SURE that your ancestors were connected with Bonkle or Coltness Memorial Church, Newmains. (We do NOT have access to the records of other churches) we can look for them in the records we hold i.e. those AFTER 1925. Our older records, like most other churches, are in the Scottish Archives in Edinburgh. These are all hand written and would require a personal visit. Unlike Bonkle, the Newmains, Wishaw and Motherwell area is very large with a large number of churches.

There is NO graveyard at Bonkle so we do not have such records. The graveyard at Kirk O' Shotts was usually used.

On this information page there are links to places than can be searched for names. The General Registry Office, Scotland (births etc.) is a good place to start. This contains online databases of the 10 year census from 1840 and register of births etc. from about 1855 when the government made registration compulsory. These can be searched online so are the best starting point. The Registry Office in Shotts and Motherwell will also hold the original paper records of these areas.
Before this the churches kept the records. The Roman Catholic church hold their own records - I think in Glasgow. The old PARISH churches, such as Kirk o' Shotts and Cambusnethan (Wishaw and Motherwell area) sent their records to Edinburgh and these have been microfilmed, copies being held in the local libraries/ heritage centres.
Shotts library has the Parish of Shotts records. The Heritage Centre in Motherwell has the Parishes of Shotts and Cambusnethan. These records are not always complete and some are in so bad condition as to be partly, or fully, unreadable After the 1730s various other subdivisions  formed. Most of their records have been sent to the National Archives in Edinburgh but some are still held locally and a lot have been lost or are in very poor condition. They have NOT been microfilmed and are only available in Edinburgh. 

The advent of coal and iron in Shotts, Newmains and Wishaw caused a large influx from Ireland causing further complications (I believe the Irish records were destroyed by fire). Searches are best carried out by the interested person as a lot of background details are required to get anywhere. The Archives require a personal visit which is charged. Local libraries will, however, allow you to personally search at no cost. No online facilities are available that I know of but there are firms who will undertake the searches - I would think that they would be expensive because of time involved in reading through the old books. Visits to graveyards may also be required.
Membership of some of the bodies mentioned can be a help. The Mormon's site is free . Some other bodies are compiling surname indexes.

This is obviously NOT an area where any of us could get personally involved - it is just too time consuming. 

Public Records Office

General Register Office

General Registry Office, Scotland

General Registry Office, Scotland (births etc.) Page £6

Society of Genealogists, UK

Genealogical Information Service

Family Search (The Mormons)

Ancestry (mainly USA but some UK names) £40 P.A.

Roots Web

Monumental Inscriptions

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild

Jewish Genealogical Society of GB

Scottish Tourist Board

Scottish Tartans

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