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Easter 2017

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Communion – Sunday April 16th

From the manse

Every year it’s the same story, every Christmas, every Easter, every Pentecost; every year preachers up and down the land struggle to find a new and creative way of telling an old story. We try to tell the Christmas story from the perspective of the donkey (sadly no donkeys are mentioned in the gospels), or the innkeepers wife (was he even married) or we attempt to tell the Easter story from the perspective of the 4th guard on the left (how many soldiers actually guarded Jesus – I don’t know) or the blacksmith who forged the nails used to nail Jesus to the cross. When Pentecost comes we imagine what the Parthians might have thought when the language of Mesopotamia was spoken (did they even recognise the language) or if they feared that they would be burned up when they saw tongues of fire. Every year we try to tell a story, the greatest story ever told, a story that’s two thousand years old, a story that hasn’t changed in all that time, a story that will be the same in ten years or twenty years or a hundred years. Every year we engage in intellectual gymnastics to present the story. Perhaps we should allow the story to tell itself. Rudolph Bultmann, a prominent German theologian suggests the power of the story is in the proclamation of that story. History, they tell us is His-story. Each year Jewish families read the story of the Exodus each Passover, and in the telling the story of their ancestors it becomes their story. Perhaps the challenge for us is to allow the Easter story, (or Christmas, or Pentecost) to speak to us and to allow it to become our story. Let us read those stories again with fresh eyes and let the stories speak for themselves, asking that God will draw us into those stories, that they might become our stories of grace and mercy.

May you discover afresh the story of the God who sacrificed His son for you, this Easter time

Yours, in His love Graham, Doris, Iain and Emma


We are participating in the National Stewardship Programme launched by the General Assembly in 2011. A series of Congregational Gatherings, at the heart of our giving programme, will soon be taking place. The dates and times are Thursday 11th May 2017 at 7.00pm

These will be opportunities for all of us to hear about the wonderful work that is done because we give money to God for the work of his Church. Good things that happen here, good things that happen throughout Scotland, good things that happen in other parts of the world – all because members of this congregation and other congregations of the Church of Scotland give money to enable the sharing of the gospel.

Our giving really does make a difference by enriching individual lives and the lives of communities.

At the Congregational Gatherings there will be plenty of time to ask questions and make comments. There will also be time to chat with others over a cup of tea or coffee.

Look out for your visitor, bringing your invitation. Please make a special effort to come to one of our Congregational Gatherings and hear good news! Graham Raeburn

Sunday School

In the Sunday School we strive to promote the exploration and development of faith.  We encourage and guide our children in building their relationship with Jesus.  In today's society where religion is often seen as uncool, children can be embarrassed to admit they go to Sunday School.  We are so grateful for those children that we do have and we ask for the Lord's blessing on them and their families.  We pray that God will extend his blessings to all in our congregation and will enable us to remain strong in our Faith.    Stephanie


ARK is for children primary school children and takes place on Tuesdays, 6:30 until 7:30 at CMC halls. There's plenty of crafts, singing, games, praise and loads of fun.

Ignite is for high school kids, who meet on Sunday evenings at Lisa Hughes’ house at 7pm.

We are going to be learning about Easter and ARK will be taking the Tuesday evening service during Holy Week.

We run a minibus service to bring children to ARK and return them home safely. If you'd like to attend and wish to use this service please speak to Nan Hall.


Camp takes place at Altnacriche, Cairngorms National Park this summer. It runs from Sunday, 23rd-29th July 2017. It is for children P6 and over. The cost per child is £250. Subsidies of £62(half) and £125(full) are available from Whiteinch Church. Ark are looking to fundraise to help with the cost of subsidies. If you'd like to attend or want more information please speak to Matthew or Kay.

Our end of term barbecue evening is on Tuesday, 30th May. All welcome!


ARK teaches children about Jesus, through music, games and loads of fun. It is run by Jen with help from volunteer leaders but, sadly like most things, it does need money to keep going. To this end we will be holding various fundraising events in the next few months:


We are holding a coffee morning on 29th April, from 9:30 until 12:30 at the back of Coltness Memorial Church. Come along and enjoy a cuppa, home baking and a blether. We'll have a soap stall too.


We are looking to have a ladies lunch, hopefully in June. Further information to follow.


Our annual Smarties Fundraiser is due to commence this Spring. We will hand out Smarties tubes nearer June. We would be grateful if you would take one, eat the sweets and then fill the tube with money. Any denomination is gratefully appreciated. Save over the summer and return your tubes around September.

Computer Club.

With computers now selling for as little as £35 perhaps now is the time to buy one. The club helps older people to become acquainted with and use different types of computer. We hope to have a display during the Stewardship evening to demonstrate what can be done with a computer. Have a look.

Wishaw CAP Debt Centre

There have been 5 new clients since the turn of the year; on average, one client per week books an appointment. At the moment we are providing support to 26 clients; 6 are no longer working with us due to various reasons. One has gone debt-free; one is managing his own debts, one stopped engaging with us, and 3 didn’t go through the 3 visit process. Please pray for those people who are no longer working with us: their debt situation is still unresolved and so they will continue to be under pressure as a result.

CAP and Trussell Trust have formally agreed a new national referral partnership, which was agreed in early February. Trussell Trust are the UK’s largest provider of foodbanks and they see many people each week who are in need of more than just emergency food aid. People who ask for food are often struggling with debt, addiction, unemployment and need support with general life skills. We’re hoping this will lead to more direct referrals from foodbanks to all of CAP’s services. The Trussell Trust are especially interested not just in our debt help but in the additional services we provide. Their website is

There are 4 foodbanks supported by Trussell Trust in our area: 2 in Airdrie (St Edwards, and Airdrie Baptist), Calderbank Parish Church, and the new foodbank in Shotts (Fortissat Community Help). I will be in touch with them soon to inform them of our service and explore ways of working together (for example: drop-in sessions on a weekly basis to talk with potential clients/members and to help them to call the New Enquiries Team on the freephone number).

We already have links with the independent food banks (such as Basics) in the area via the North Lanarkshire Food Forum, so this will hopefully expand the visibility of our services for those who need it the most.

Remploy & CAP Money

Following recent discussions with staff at Remploy in Quarry St., Hamilton, we have agreed to run monthly CAP Money courses at their Hamilton office. The first one began this week. Remploy provide support and advice to people with long-term medical conditions who are looking to get back into work (more info about their work can be found at They were particularly keen to use the CAP Money course to help equip people to manage their own finances. It is also useful to address debt issues which can arise as people work through the course: we can direct them to the debt centres if appropriate. I am also due to attend Remploy’s Partnership event on 22 February for further discussions and to promote our services with other agencies.

10 ways to save money in 2017

Gemma Pask at CAP has drawn up 10 ways to save money this year: It’s well worth a look, and has links to other great money saving websites such as Skint Dad (

Nearly a third of the population of Britain is living on an "inadequate" income, according to research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF). This highlights the scale of the issues that CAP aims to address. There is a summary of the report on the BBC website at There is a further article on the effect of the housing crisis on poverty in the UK at

Nicky McLaughlin CAP Debt Centre Manager 07400 189398

What is a Prayer Walk and why is it a good thing?

How beautiful on the mountains 
are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, 
the good news of peace and salvation, 
the good news that the God of Israel reigns.” Isaiah 52:7 NLT

Through the history of British churches, people would walk from Cathedral city to Cathedral city on pilgrimage. These walks were all about prayer.

In the Anglican church they  used to mark Rogation Sunday as a day when the Church traditionally offered prayer for God’s blessings on the fruits of the earth and the labours of those who produce our food. The word “rogation” means “to ask.” In some Anglican churches today they mark it with a walk around their parish boundaries.

Few of us today directly derive our livelihood from the production of food, yet it is good to be reminded of our dependence upon those who do and our responsibility for the environment. 

A retreat called Ffeld-y-Brenin  is the name of a retreat in Wales. A man named Roy Goodwin an evangelist was brought there by God’s leading, he pleaded with God because he knew nothing about running a retreat. God’s answer was thats why you've to go there not what you know but because you know nothing about it.

They began every day prayers and walking around the beautiful area. They prayed for people, the land and buildings around the area. Eventually they began to see fruits of their prayers’ The local church had no baptisms for years suddenly there were seven. Some farmers noticed that their ewes were having triplets and quads.

Roy, one of the reasons he was not wanting the job was because he was an evangelist and he thought it would be only believers who would go to the retreat. Again his prayers were answered as lots of non-believers visited the retreat mainly because it is in such  a beautiful area, popular with holiday makers.

A prayer walk is exactly what it sounds like: a walk filled with prayer

Prayer walking involves walking around your  community praying for people and places you see around you.

God told Joshua 1: 3 wherever you set foot, you will be on the land I have given you. (NLT) There is something powerful about making your prayers physical, expressing longings for your neighbourhood and its people.

When God speaks in blessings the world is changed. We His children are given the privilege of assessing those same blessings and we experience them in our lives and also given the privilege of speaking them into being for people and places around us.

The moment we open our hands to receive blessings from God, we are nudged by the Holy Spirit to go out and give it away.

A few of us from Coltness and Bonkle Churches are interested in Prayer Walking in our neighbourhood  and we wondered if anyone else would like to join us in Organised Prayer walking. 

If you would like to join the team and find out more about it contact Jean (Bonkle) or Evelyn (Coltness) on 01698 352984

(Extracts of above article taken from Neighbourhood Prayer. net/Lyndall Bywater.)

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