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Bonkle Church of Scotland Magazine

June 2018

Scottish Charity Number SC006540

Next issue – September 2018.

Closing date for material – 2pm Sunday 15th August 2018


Congregation, early 1800s

Congregation – September 1999

From the Manse

I love old TV adverts. Recently I was reminded of an old BT advert featuring some penguins. The penguins were very industrious, as they worked away they repeated the mantra “chop, chop, busy, busy, work, work, bang, bang” Unfortunately over time they began to tire and slow down. At that point a phone call is received thanking them for their work. This encouragement reinvigorates the penguins and they speed up to continue their good work of “chop, chop, busy, busy, work, work, bang, bang” Although we are never really sure what they are busy working to chop and bang, all of that goes on in the background unnoticed. Those BT penguins provide us with a metaphor for the current season in church. There has been a lot of busy, busy, work, work, bang, bang going on unnoticed as our fabric committee has been working away to secure funding from the Windfarm Trust to enable us to undertake some of the work that was highlighted in our most recent Presbytery property inspection. A lot of work was undertaken by our church family and friends, but some still requires to be done. With the aid of the grant we will be able to complete the work required on the church building, leaving us to raise funds, or seek additional grant funding, to refurbish the kitchen – the only major item of expenditure left to undertake. This has been a hard, time consuming process putting grant applications together, and heartfelt thanks must be given to all who have worked tirelessly in the background on our behalf. Whilst they would never seek praise for their efforts, knowing that we as a church appreciate their efforts encourages them to carry on. However, as human beings made in the image of God, we recognise that just as God the father rested when he had finished creating the universe and all that is in it, and just as Jesus took time to rest during his earthly ministry, we also require to rest from our labours in order that we might function as God intended us. I’m sure many of us have had similar times of busyness and stress over the last weeks and months. May we find some time to rest over these summer months, whether we are away from home on holiday or pottering in the garden may we take time to take in the wonder of God’s creation, may we also take time to be reminded of God’s care and compassion for us, that we may also be encouraged and reinvigorated.

Enjoy a restful summer

Yours in His love, GrahamRaeburn


I have never written for the magazine before so let me try.

Let me share a quote from Billy Graham

"'God has given us two hands- -one to receive with and the other to give with.".

Since October last year we have raised £2636 made up as follows:

Direct Donations £1250

Christmas Sales and Quiz £434

Every Penny Counts £450

Easter Sales and Quiz £281

Daffodil Tea £221

A big thank you to everyone who has helped raise this amount.

Please continue to bring the pennies as you can see it all counts.

As a congregation you live up to the quote as you continue to give to our existing projects and this new one..




(Now to be known as BONKLE ART AND CRAFT CLUB ), will begin the new session on Tues 6th March, from 7.30 -9.30 pm. New members will be most welcome, and although we don't have a tutor, we all assist each other if and when required...... If you prefer, just bring your knitting or whatever, and enjoy the Company,

Cuppa and Chat........
with thanks Carol

Sing and Sizzle

will now be held at our church on Sunday the 17th of June at 3.00pm. Please note this is a change of date. It is a chance maybe for you pick one of your favourite hymn and sing along with other people from other churches in the local area and get to know them and also enjoy good food.

Sunday school
When Jesus was crucified on the cross did his disciples stop believing?
Sure they were scared for a while, worried that those who persecuted Jesus would want to hurt them next...but they never gave up their belief in his teachings. They held fast to the word of God and spread his message near and far.
We have been encouraging the children to think about how they could spread God’s message. Perhaps by sharing with their families the songs and stories that they learn in Sunday school, or by inviting friends to join them on a Sunday. Even telling one person can make a big difference.
In a day and age where it’s not seen as cool to believe in God or go to church we would ask for you to think of our children in your prayers. Pray that they continue to enjoy Sunday school, that they develop a strong and positive relationship with God and that they would want to share his Word with others.
As we have been enjoying some lovely weather it reminds us that summer isn’t far away. We are very much looking forward to summer Sunday school and have lots of exciting activities planned.


Dear Lord,

Every single evening

As I'm lying here in bed,

This tiny little prayer

Keeps running through my head:

God bless all my family

Wherever they may be,

Keep them warm and safe from harm

For they're so close to me.

And God, there is one more thing

I wish that you could do;

Hope you don't mind me asking,

Please bless my computer, too.

Now I know that it's unusual

To Bless a motherboard,

But listen just a second

While I explain it to you, Lord.

you see, that little metal box

Holds more than odds and ends;

Inside those small compartments

Rest so many of my friends.

I know so much about them

By the kindness that they give,

And this little scrap of metal

Takes me in to where they live.

By faith is now I know them

Much the same as you.

We share in what life brings us

And from that our friendships grew.

Please take an extra minute

From your duties up above,

To bless those in my address book

That's filled with so much love.

Wherever else this prayer may reach

To each and every friend,

Bless each e-mail inbox

And each person who hits 'send'.

When you update your Heavenly list

On your own Great CD-ROM,.

Bless everyone who says this prayer,

Sent up to


Live Well’ Foodbank

The foodbank is open every Wednesday from 1pm to 2.30pm, and is based at Coltness Memorial Church. People requiring assistance should contact the Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) on 03005550405 in the first instance, and request a crisis grant (which doesn’t need to be repaid). SWF administers a fund on behalf of the Scottish Government which aims at reducing need and distress at local level. If they don’t get an award, people will receive a referral to the foodbank. We also accept referrals from social work, GP’s, health visitors etc, and church members can also refer someone (by calling Nicky on 07400189398). The use of the SWF means that people get targeted help, and has reduced the need for people to use the foodbank. The need is still there though: up to the end of May 2018, we distributed 216 food parcels to 138 individuals. Please pray for the people who use the service; for the volunteers, and thank you again for all your contributions of food via the trolley in Asda and individually. Also, please watch out for the appeals for specific items, which we include in the intimations from time to time, and help out if you can.

Wishaw CAP Debt Centre

We have still been receiving plenty of clients booking in, and a new client is booking in roughly once per week. At the moment we are providing support to 31 clients; 2 people have gone debt free, and are now enjoying their new-found financial freedom!! 2 more are no longer working with us; one is not ready to work with us yet, and the other did not engage with the process. We have not yet been able to meet 2 of the new clients, as we have been unable to confirm the appointments. Please pray for all our clients, and for those who have gone debt free, or are no longer receiving support from CAP.

Emma Jackson has been appointed to the new role of ‘Head of Scotland’, overseeing CAP’s operations in Scotland. Originally from Peebles, Emma started with CAP over five years ago, running a job club in Belfast and over the past three years as an Area Manager in Northern Ireland. Emma brings a wealth of leadership experience, both from her time with CAP and from previous senior roles. It’s a great appointment for CAP Scotland! She is planning to meet with Debt Centre managers on 21 June to introduce herself and discuss issues which we face in our work.

Rod Williams evangelistic CAP event

One of CAP’s regional evangelists, Rod Williams, has agreed to come to our centre to share his story and testimony. He will also treat us to some magic tricks…and there will be free food too! Rod is a great speaker and has an amazing testimony.

He will be here on Wednesday 22 August at 7pm (at Bonkle Church); I will sending invites out to our clients in early July, and will be sending plenty of reminders(!) to people. This will be a great opportunity for people to have a great night, but more importantly, to hear the gospel, so please invite anyone along who you think might be interested.

New clients should call 08008230006 or contact Nicky on 07400189398 (email:

Sunday Walks Meet at 2.15 pm Bonkle Church

June 24 Murdostoun Castle

July 29 Hartwood Circuit

Aug 26 Forth-Wilsontoun

Sept 30 Coatbridge Canal

Oct 28 Shotts Torbothie Circuit

Nov Lunch