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Bonkle Church of Scotland Magazine

March 2014

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Closing date for material –2pm Sunday 24th May 2014

Communion – Sunday 15th March

From the Manse…

Listen to me, you descendants of Jacob, all the remnant of the people of Israel, you whom I have upheld since your birth, and have carried since you were born.  Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.(Is 46:3-4)

February 12th was an important day for me. (No I wasn’t rushing off to the card shop for a Valentine’s Day card!) It was the 10th Anniversary of my ordination as a minster of word and sacrament and also the 10th Anniversary of my induction as minister of Coltness Memorial & Bonkle Churches. I can’t believe that 10 years have passed already.
A lot has happened in those 10 years, lots of good things, but also some sad things. As I look in the mirror, I can’t help but notice the physical changes that have taken place, asking myself what has happened to that fresh faced young man who arrived in Newmains all those years ago? The hair which was mostly dark brown is all but grey (and white!), the full (ish) head of hair is diminishing fast, and the odd laughter line (or wrinkles as they are better known) is appearing.
I am not the only one who has changed; you have changed, the church local and National has changed; things that we once held as truth are being challenged from within the church and out-with; the communities we serve have also changed, physically, socially and economically – nothing has stayed the same. Yet despite all of these changes God is in control. The words of Isaiah 46 speak powerfully of God’s constant faithfulness to us. The God who knew us before we were born (Jer 1:5, Ps 139:13-16) has been with us throughout all of our lives in good times and bad (Is 46:3, Ps 23:4), is with us now. He will goes with us and will never abandon us (Dt 31:8), for he has a plan for our lives (Jer 29:11). He will complete the work that he has begun within us (Phil 1:6).
It is often only as we look back that we can see God’s hand in our lives, as we remember all that God has done for us and through us, we gain confidence that the unchanging God (Heb 13:5-6) will lead us and guide, because He loves us beyond measure.
Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you for this last decade, may we together, continue to see God’s plans for us, for His church and for this community continue to flourish, in whatever changes we experience in the years to come.

Yours, in His love, Graham

Gone Fishing

As I drove home from Newmains a week ago I heard God say, “Go fishing”, as I thought about the upcoming Indian Buffet supper in Café Shabab for CAP clients and others on the fringes of church life. What do I use to attract the fish, I thought? Quick as a flash, God said, “Two stories – Jesus story and your story.” So for ten minutes in Café Shabab, I told our guests that Jesus came to proclaim good news to the poor, announce freedom for prisoners, open the eyes of the blind and pick up those who are beaten down. And then I said, “Jesus has done some of that for me. Jesus can change your life too.” From the 25 who sat down for dinner, 11 guests and 5 helpers have agreed to join the Alpha course starting on Wednesday 12th February. Brilliant. They will have the opportunity to explore for themselves whether Jesus story and my story are true.

On the first Monday in February, my wife and I began working with a group of three who have suffered losses in the past few years. The course is called, “Seasons for Growth”, because loss can be as harsh and despondent as wintertime, but move on, in time, to the hopefulness of Springtime. Not quickly: but given the right support and space to reflect on what has been lost and where new things could happen, course participants are helped to identify new life paths for themselves. It might seem that all they see is a dimly burning candle in their darkness, but as they move towards the light, it gets bigger and brighter and more hopeful.

And the CAP debt centre? Last year we worked with 15 debt clients and along with the CAP Money course we impacted 29 lives for good. And so far this year, we have 3 new clients lined up and as you pray, more to come.

On another evening travelling home, I sensed God say, we were moving into a time of God’s favour in the life of Coltness and Bonkle churches. Can we watch and pray and see it happen?

David Geddes

Men's Club

Due to the closure of St Brigid's Halls, the Men's Club has acted as hosts to the bowling club. This has given us quite a boost to numbers and they certainly will be missed when their halls reopen.

Ian Glen

Walking Group

We already have a programme drawn up for 2014 and hope the weather is a bit kinder to us this year. The first Tuesday walk is on 24th February to Polkemmet Park after a morning “Cuppa” at Shotts Healthy Eating café. If the weather is bad, we can just have another Cup!

The first Sunday walk is no 2nd March. A list of walks can be obtained from Margaret Glen. Please phone her on (01698) 386028 if you intend to go on a walk in case the weather forces a change.

Margaret Glen

Computer Club

The club was fortunate to receive a substantial grant through Reshaping care for Older People. This has enabled us to buy newer equipment and extend our range of courses.

Due to the confusion caused by the introduction of Windows 8, the club has been offering a short course on how to deal with it. Anyone interested should contact Ian on (01698) 386028.

Mobile computers (Tablets and Smartphones) are now outselling the conventional computers, a trend that is increasing rapidly. We feel that the future may lie in this type. WE already have one so “Try before you Buy”

We have a list of about 20 topics which a computer may be used for including photo/video editing, office documents, route planning, shopping, price comparisons, E-books and E-library books. These are demonstrated and then the groups invited to try them.

We have also invited guest speakers on various topics including the Discovery Award which will be open for all to partake in as the various church activities could be used towards obtaining the award.

The social side of the club has also been encouraged. This includes the occasional lunch. Ian Glen

Badminton Club

The club continues to function on a Monday evening. Junior – 6.20 – 8.00pm and seniors 8.00 – 9.30pm. Old and new members most welcome. More details may be had from Matthew Gray.

Thursday Club

The Thursday club is “open for business” as usual. All present and new members welcome. Peter Snelling

Sunday School

The children of the Sunday School had a ball at their Christmas Party. Fun was had by all (including some adults) on the bouncy castle. We played party games, had tea and a visit from Santa who brought a present for all of the children.

Since the New Year we have been thrilled to see our numbers increasing. We have welcomed some new faces to our regular numbers and hope to see children continuing to come.

The children continue to learn about their faith through the sharing of Bible stories and by participating in a variety of related activities, songs and crafts.

On Sunday 9th February one of our number, Elle McCabe, was baptised in the church. The Sunday school, in which Elle is an enthusiastic member, presented her with an illustrated children's Bible to mark the occasion.

The Sunday School meet in the church hall from about 11.30am and children of all ages are welcome to join us. Stephanie

Ladies Fellowship

The session is now drawing to a close. The remaining activities are:-

18th March - AGM and Bring and Buy Sale.

1st April - Dinner at Shotts Golf Club. Margaret Glen

Art Class

The Art Class recommences on Tuesday 1st April. At present, there are 3 places available. If you are interested, please contact Margaret Sherriff on (01698)386028.

1st Bonkle Brownies

2014 marks the 100th birthday of the Brownies. Times have changed – uniforms have changed – but Brownies are still about friendship, fun, helping others before ourselves and helping our community.

Our Wishaw District Big Brownie Birthday event is on Saturday 26th April at Wishaw Old Parish Church and we hope to have 150 – 200 girls celebrating with us. Brownie leaders from our district were “Bag Packing” at Asda, Newmains Saturday 20th April. G. Speirs, Assistant Guider



Tuesday night continues to be busy with on average 40 children attending ARK, 10-12 young people attending youth cell and 10-12 attending Oasis. We have seen people growing in faith and confidence and relationships strengthening.

We have looked at topics such as belonging- who we are in God’s eyes, looking after each other and our world, and working together. We have just completed a block of teaching on worship and many of the children really engaged with this. We used the Christmas material-‘Big trouble in Bethlehem’ as a chance to participate in activities that highlight the true meaning of Christmas.

The Oasis group is running an Alpha course at present due to new members joining who are seeking answers to many questions. We had a Christmas connect 4 event on 17th December, which was well attended.


The café continues to be well attended and we have had a Zumba class, hair demonstrations, massage therapies and craft and cookery sessions. During the last month or so the café members have supported each other, and others that do not attend café through the sad and hard time of losing one of our members suddenly. Lisa’s death has also led some of the girls to ask more spiritual questions and some have come along to Oasis on a Tuesday and started to attend Sunday services.


Work in schools has really been on hold due to constraints of time. Contact is adhoc with a wee pop in to see how everyone is occasionally.


I have undertaken Sozo training and hope to be able to offer Sozo to people in Newmains once we can work out how/when this could be done. This is a gentle but effective ministry that really benefits the people that experience it.


We had our first Messy church event this term with Christmas Messy church on 1st December. There is still a need to ensure we get across the fact that Messy church is for all not just for children. Ideally we would like to offer a Messy Church event every month and are working towards this. A number of leaders will be attending the Messy Church training event organised by Hamilton Presbytery on 22nd February 2014


For the first time the Christmas Eve family service was led by leaders and members of the ARK. This was very well received by all who attended from both Sunday congregations, together with ARK parents and friends.


27.10.13 Jessica Frew 86 Woodside Cres, Newmains CM

09.02.14 Elle McCabe 86 Woodside Cres, Newmains B


31.05.13 Craig Wardrop & Janie Hislop Popinjay Hotel

      1. Pamela Anne Brown & Gary Gow Coltness Memoril

 03.05.13 Kyle Bonkle Church

15.08.14 Lisa Shields & Andrew Bell Bonkle Church

16.08.14 Amanda Quigley & William Jardine Coltness

06.09.14 Gillian McCulloch & Steven Docherty Castle Rooms, Uddingston


30.08.13 James Smith 46 Crindledyke Cres, Newmains

20.09.13 Thomas Brown 86 Breadale Cres, Newmains

25.09.13 Peter Nicol 2 Dinnet Way, Newmains

01.10.13 Andrew Rae 56 Braedale Cres, Newmains CM

16.10.13 John Nelson 2 Hobart Quadrant, Wishaw CM

19.10.13 Jack Tweedlie 80 Wishaw Rd, Waterloo CM

21.10.13 Harry Inglis Baillies Ave, Harthill B

25.10.13 Tommy Sneddon 4 Eastwood Dr, Newmains

01.11.13 Isobel Birrell 2 Bressay Wynd, Newmains

15.11.13 Emma Robertson 9 Crindledyke Cres, Newmains

Jamie Cowan 10 Muirhouse Ave, Newmains

22.11.13 Agnes Glover 38 Park Drive, Newmains B

24.12.13 Robert Higgins 2 Cabrach Loan, Newmains

27.12.13 Violet Cowan 10 Muirhouse Ave, Newmains
06.02.14 Betty Gray East Mains Farm, Bonkle B

07.02.14 William McClung 61 Braedale Cres, Newmains CM

Jessie Prosser 45 Grange Ave, Netherton

12.02.14 Ian Wallace 264 N Dryburgh Rd, Wishaw

17.02.14 Chrissie Thomson 15 Alcath Rd, Newmains

For your Diary

Friday 14th March, 7.30pm

Quiz Night

Friday 11th April 7.30-9.00pm

Coffee & Gift Night

Sunday 1st June after morning service

Baking Stall

Sunday 19th Oct. after morning service

Shoebox Lunch

Sunday 14th December 6.30pm

Christingle Service.