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September 2016

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Closing date for material – 2.00 PM 27th November 2016

Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these”

From the manse…

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning. (Lam 3:22-23 ESV)

I hope that you enjoyed some rest over the summer period. Whether you had a vacation or a stay-cation I trust that you were able to recharge your batteries. The verses from Lamentations were the inspiration for the hymn “Great is thy faithfulness” and they remind us that God’s blessings are new each day. Just as the manna provided during the Exodus was fresh each day (Ex 16:4), so too are God’s blessings each and every day, for we serve a God of new things. The prophet Isaiah reminds us to “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? (Is 43:19).

In June we had a marquee at the Gala day. This was an excellent opportunity to be out and about in the community, sharing the love of Jesus. Through the contacts we made on the day we were able invite a number of people to join us on our forthcoming Alpha Course. (see below). Next year we are planning to double the size of our marquee!

What does the new season have in store for us? On 24th August we began a new CAP money course (this is a course designed to help people to create a budget and stick to it – not for people who are in financial difficulties – our debt centre can help our clients to work with their creditors to build a manageable repayment plan). In September we are running an Alpha course using the new Alpha movies that have been filmed across the globe. We will still look at those same questions about God and faith, but this time in a new, fresh way.

We are also developing our profile on social media. We have new Facebook pages for the charity shop (@livewellnewmains) and the churches (@coltnessbonkle). These have been well received, and have reached more people within our community than we are presently reaching on a Sunday morning. As we build relationships through social media we hope to be able to introduce people to Jesus.

All in all, I hope that you can see that we have a busy time coming up (with more good news to come in the near future).

Yours in His love, Graham

Christian Aid Fundraising 2015-2016

Carol Service, Bonkle £230
Donation £ 20
Midnight Service, Bonkle £165

Holy Week services £272

Christian Aid Week £595

Interest £ 9.84

Total £1291.84

A cheque for £1290 was sent to the Glasgow office of Christian Aid leaving a bank balance of £1.84.

Thursday Club.

This reopened on Thursday 1st September. Old and new members are very welcome.

Computer Club

The Computer Club started back on Monday the 15th August.

New members are always welcome and we can demonstrate and give help with a variety of computer types. Please contact Marion Allison or myself for suitable times.

We will soon be planning our Autumn outing and Christmas dinner – it is not all hard work and no play!

The computer classes are normally free but we do charge if you wish to go on the outings. Ian Glen

Ladies Fellowship

Meetings for 2016 – Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.00pm


Clair Mckenzie – Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Oct. 11th

Kelta Crafts


Anne Robertson – Musical Evening.

Nov. 8th

Nancy Wilson - Kenya

Nov. 22nd

Robert Nimmo – Pilgrimage to North Spain

Dec. 6th

Mike Tayler - “Unto us a child is born”

Margaret Glen

Badminton Club

The badminton club will start back on Monday the 12th of September at 7.30pm until 9.00pm. New and old members will be made most welcome.

Matthew Gray.

Men's Club

The club reopened on Wednesday 31st August. It is open to ladies and all old and new members are very welcome.

Wishaw CAP Debt Centre

There have been 3 new clients in the last month; one person on the recommendation of an existing client, and two via the Jobcentre, so at the moment we are providing support to 35 clients. Although some find it hard to stick to the budget it is important to remember that with the Lord there are no ‘co-incidences’ or ‘accidents’: He placed us there in their lives to bring some of his love, concern and compassion to them. People aren’t just ‘cases’ or ‘clients’: they are people loved beyond all measure by an eternal Father who longs for them to come home. We pray that just by being there, we help them start to realise that, to see beyond the here and now, and to see that hope and freedom is possible.

We are inviting CAP clients to the annual church barbecue on Friday 26 August at 7pm at Bonkle Church, and we will have a speaker there from CAP, Emily Ackerman, who will give her testimony about how she came to faith, explain the way to salvation, lead a short period of reflection and invite people for prayer. We are also running a CAP Money course, beginning on Wednesday 24 August at 7pm at Coltness Memorial Church. This will run for 3 weeks. Can you please pray for the success of these events and publicise them wherever you can? You and your friends are, of course, invited to come along yourself!

We are still offering drop-in service every 2nd week at Motherwell Jobcentre, and the staff there have also been advising claimants how they can access CAP’s services. 2 of our new clients were referred via DWP staff/information, one of whom we met at the Health Provision Open Day there on 29 June which featured many of the local service providers. I also gave short presentations to groups of Jobcentre staff, and explained to them how they could help identify people who might need our services. The partnership with the DWP is starting to bear fruit and is helping to really raise our profile among those who most need us.

Local MP Marion Fellows has established the Poverty Action Network which meets regularly to discuss ways of alleviating poverty in the area. I have been invited, along with other voluntary and statutory groups to take part in this forum. She has also added a Support Directory to her website http://marionfellows.scot/directory/ as the MPs office is often the first port of call for those needing help and has added CAP’s details to the ‘Finance, Benefits & Pensions’ section of the directory http://marionfellows.scot/directory/finances-benefits-pensions/ This means that people looking for advice can find us easily and access the help they need: great news!

Please pray for: That the Lord leads people to call the helpline and use the services we provide;

That our new clients find peace and relief from worry and stress, and that they engage well with the CAP process;

For a successful BBQ event, that our clients attend, and that people have a good time and respond to the message in Emily’s talk; that people sign up for the CAP Money course in August; that the Lord opens hearts so that we can share the good news of Jesus to clients, and that they respond to that good news.

Finally, please pray for me, that I carry out my role effectively, and that I show the love of our Saviour to every person I meet, and tell out His word boldly and clearly.

CAP Debt Centre Manager (07400 189398 email: nickymclaughlin@capuk.org)
May the Lord bless you and keep you
Nicky McLaughlin

MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING (part of the biggest in the world)

There will be a Coffee Morning held in Coltness Memorial Church Halls on Friday 30 September (10.00 am until 12 noon).  We hope that as many people as possible will come along and support this event.   The cost will be £3.50 (i.e. entrance, tea, coffee juice and 2 cakes.

Donations of home baking will be gratefully received.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Hearing - Becoming – Serving will be held on Dalziel St. Andrews Church Motherwell on Thursday 15, Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September at 7.30 pm. The speakers will be Jonathan Lamb and Steve Brady.

Book free tickets: 01698 254848 or office@keswickinmotherwell.oorg.



Our choir continues to enjoy support from all its members who have committed themselves to this . A big thanks to them.

Evelyn McEwan and Richard  her husband  are so supportive and encouraging each week, and its amazing how Evelyn Mc teaches new songs. When we first sing it we think we’ll never get the timing but after her techniques in teaching we soon get the timing right.

When we get a new song we have to applaud Margaret Murdoch as she masters each new song right away. A big thanks to Margaret for her continued support of the choir.

We have been  asked to sing at a Forth Guild night February 2017, that's the third Guild we have sang for over the years. Its so much fun and great fellowship practising for these events.

We would like to see more people in the choir from both Bonkle and Coltness. The choir consists of a fair number of really good singers and the remainder can sing and keep in tune.

As Christians its part of our way to Praise and Worship the Lord to  sing, He gave us all different voices specifically for that purpose, to sing in fellowship and support each other in the act of worship of Him.

Why not give it a try for a few weeks, call Margaret McMillan on 01698 293742. Let her know of you would need transport and that could be arranged.

Street Pastors Update

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)

The work of Street Pastors Glasgow continues every Friday & Saturday all year round come rain or shine'

In May of this year, Glasgow Street Pastors opened a Safe-zone in St George’s Tron Church.

The Safe-zone had been run as a trial just before Christmas and had proven to be a great addition to the nightly routine of Street Pastors (SP).

As the name implies, it is a place where folk can pop in if they feel they are in need, or where Street Pastors or Police can bring vulnerable folk who may find themselves otherwise being taken to the Police Station or to A&E.

The team in Safe-zone comprises four SP and two St Andrew’s First Aiders. Two police officers are based in the Safe-zone for the evening and patrol the surrounding area but are easily contacted by radio should an incident arise and they are needed by SP staff. Prayer Pastors are around to support both Safe-zone and those who are out on shift, walking the streets of Glasgow.

Safe-zone Pastors have undergone further training for drug and alcohol intervention, as longer periods are spent with folk who may have issues with substance dependence.

If anyone has minor injuries they can come for treatment then go off on their way. If folk have missed the last bus/train they can come in to wait until we close at 4am. Others are there to sober up sufficiently to be allowed into a taxi home or to wait for friends to come to pick them up.

Most of the ‘clients’ are folk who have just over-indulged and need to sober up before they move on. Others have heart-breaking tales to tell of how their life hasn’t turned out the way they’d planned and they’ve found themselves in prison, homeless, addicted or in a life of prostitution or domestic abuse. We can assure them of their worth in our eyes and in the eyes of Father God.

Sad as these stories sound many folk go away feeling a bit uplifted having been prayed with and told of the love God has for them. Often they know - but are angry with God 'coz they feel He has let them down or that He wouldn’t want anything to do with them given the life they are leading. We can assure them that God has been right there beside them and nothing will make Him turn away from them. Father God can give them back control of their lives.

Faith conversations usually arise spontaneously when folk ask us who we are and why are you doing this. Some folk just take the physical help on offer and move on others are keen to chat.

There is always a lot of laughter too as ‘happy’ folk sing to us or share stories with us as they sober up waiting for family members to come to get them. One girl whose only link to God was remembering a Christmas song from her childhood sang ‘Joy to the World’ – word perfect – almost non-stop for a couple of hours till her mum arrived!

If you are interested in finding our more then please speak to me about it. Or if you think that you might want to be a Street Pastor or Prayer Pastor catch me for a chat and I can give you an idea of what is involved. The skills required are many and varied – chatting and praying with folk, cleaning them up, alcohol and drug intervention It is an amazing experience and a wonderful way to take The Word onto the streets.

June J Irvine 


12.06.16  Hayden Sheena Hill, 2 St Aidans Path, Wishaw CM


02.04.16 Lianne Ashe & Steven Purdie


14.03.16 May Medhurst, 8 Victoria St, Newmains

16.03.16 John Brown, 12 Eastwood Drive, Newmains

24.03.16 Marion Campbell, 106 Woodside Crescent, Newmains

01.04.16 Eris Jamieson, 93 Gala Ave, Wishaw

08.04.16 Samuel Sneddon, 4 Eastwood Drive, Newmains

11.04.16 Stuart Gray, 5 Baird Place, Cambusnethan

14.04.16 Mary Carson, 5 Stanecraig Place, Newmains

18.04.16 Geordie Robertson, 9 Crindledyke Cres. Newmains

19.04.16 William Jamieson, 93 Gala Cres. Wishaw

26.04.16 John Bell, 8 Hawthorn Avenue, Newmains

06.07.16 Marjory Boyd, 10 Cairney Place, Bonkle B

08.07.16 Robert Baird, 29 Woodside Cres. Newmains

13.07.16 John Robert, formerly 13 Eastwood Drive, Newmains

03.08.16 Jackie Hislop, 202 Bonkle Rd, Newmains

11.08.16 Raymond Brown, 8 Woodside Cres. Newmains

19.08.16 May Gilfillan, 127 Bonkle Rd, Newmains B

For your Diary

The retiring collection on 18th September will go to Tear Fund.

Wed 31 Aug.
Thu. 1 Sept.

Men's Club reopened
Thursday Club reopened

7.00 pm
2.00 pm

Mon. 15th Aug

Computer Club reopened


Mon. 12th Sept.

Badminton Club reopens