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Bonkle Church of Scotland Magazine

June 2014

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Next issue – September 2014

Closing date for material –2pm Sunday 24th August 2014

Communion – Sunday 21st September

Winners of the Quiz night.

From the Manse…

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.  And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. (John 14:12-14 NIV)

This passage is one that has really been challenging me lately. The context of the passage is that Jesus is preparing his disciples for the time which was to come when he would be taken from them and would return to His Father in Heaven. Jesus promised then two things, firstly that He would not leave them alone but would send a helper (The Holy Spirit)to them (John 14:16). And that secondly the ministry that they had been called to and which they shared with Him would not come to an end following His death, and that they would carry on that ministry in His name, equipped by the Holy Spirit to do so (vv12-14). I can only imagine how the disciples felt when they heard those words; firstly, I suspect that they could not imagine life without Jesus. Since they had responded to His call to follow Him, their lives had been turned upside down, and they had experienced things that they would never have believed before they met Him. And secondly they probably thought – we couldn’t possibly do that kind of stuff – we are just ordinary fishermen and tax collectors, not spiritual supermen. But yet, Jesus call was to them. We know the rest of the story: at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came and these men were transformed, and they in turn, equipped by that same Holy Spirit began a movement that would spread to the four corners of the globe and would transform the world.

The question I find myself asking is this; - was that promise given only to the Twelve? If so, it is an interesting historical fact. Or, is that promise one which is given to ALL followers of Jesus for ALL time. And if that is the case (and I believe that it is) what does that look like for us? What would it look like if we prayed with that expectation in mind? Like the disciples we too are ordinary people, however, we serve an extraordinary God. May we step out in faith in Him, and see what He can do. I am sure that we will be amazed.

Yours, in His Love,


Sunday School

Bonkle Sunday School meet every Sunday in the church hall before the

service. We welcome children of all ages to come and join us for lots of

learning and fun. Here are some of the things we've been doing recently...

Easter Egg Hunt

Our annual Easter egg hunt proved a big hit with the children. For the

first year ever we took our egg hunt outdoors thanks to the unusual spell of

sunny weather. The children of course managed to find all the eggs in a

record time and we all shared in some well-earned chocolate after our

efforts. Each child was also given an Easter egg to take home with them.

Spring chicks

We had a visit from 9 baby chicks who were less than a week old and were

popular with both the adults and the children in the Sunday School. The

children were very responsible when handling the chicks and they enjoyed

playing with them and learning all about them. It also helped us to

appreciate and reflect on some of the wonderful gifts that God has given us.

We have lots of exciting things coming up and, as we draw closer to the

summer holidays we will have the summer Sunday School to look forward as

Well. Join us for lots of fun! Stephanie

Walking Group

As usual, the weather has dictated when and where we walk. WE still have a full schedule of walks planned for the summer – let's hope we get one!

Men's/Ladies Club, Thursday Club

The clubs will be closed during the months of July and August, reopening on the first Wednesday/Thursday in September.

Computer Club

This is a busy as ever. We have run special classes to introduce people to Windows 8 as this is so different from previous editions.

Our older XP computers have now had Ubuntu Linux installed as this is rather similar to XP and is a faster, more up-to-date and secure a system.

7 of our members have now applied to attempt the Discovery Awards – the senior version rather like the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

CAP Debt Centre News

The big news from CAP Debt Centre is that we have been successful in securing funding from several sources recently, which makes possible the next stage of the Debt centre project: seeking someone to succeed David as Centre Manager. The funds have come from North Lanarkshire Council, Santander Bank, and the Church of Scotland, “Go for it” Fund. Together with funds from the Live Well charity shop we hope to appoint someone to a 3 day a week post. So, with your prayers, we begin that search, aiming to have someone in place by the autumn.

But that is not the only good news. In March the client we expected to go debt free, did so and two clients and a brother of a client became Christians, fulfilling the twin aims of CAP: people becoming debt free financially and spiritually.

The work does not always run smoothly though. Two clients began with us in January, but chose to sort out their own debts, hoping they could get a better deal with creditors themselves. For different reasons this does not usually happen, but we allow clients freedom of choice at all times. We also have hit a month with no new clients. I’m told by other centre managers that it often goes that way. Prayer can change that though.

If you know anyone wanting help with debts the Freephone number is 0800 328 0006.

David Geddes