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The club meets in Bonkle Church large hall on Tuesday evenings from 7.30 - 9.30pm.

Bonkle Art Class

President - Margaret Sherriff.

Secretary - Nicky O'Hara.

Treasurer - Carol King.

Bonkle art group started up over 20 years ago under the guidance of David Gilchrist, as tutor. David was with us for about 5 years, but, unfortunately, had to leave due to pressure of work.

After that, and to this day, we have been "tutorless", but nevertheless, the club has kept going very successfully, with each of us helping or " advising" one another (which can be really funny, considering we're all amateurs ) !!!

We have 20 members at present, with ages ranging from teens to 80's. Meetings are on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm. To 9.30pm. (though there's usually someone there about 7p.m. to set up the tables and chairs ready for the action to begin !!! )

Our yearly session starts from the beginning of April and ends late November. Originally,we met during the winter months, but after losing too many of our evenings to bad weather, we decided to change to summer to take advantageof the lighter nights’.

Anyone interested in drawing or painting should come along to have a look, get to know us, and try for themselves. We have paints and pads to "try before you buy ".

We are all amateurs, but, in the past,there have been many amazing paintings done by members, and admired and sold during our exhibitions.

There is absolutely NO pressure on anyone. Each member chooses their own subjects and mediums - whether it be pencil drawings, pastels, acrylics, water colours or oils.   We just enjoy the evenings together. Not all work, because our members share a social side - whether it's a chat during the tea break, or on our special day out, among which  have been visits to Art galleries, a boat trip on loch Katrine, a visit to the Royal yacht Brittania, a wander through the Botanic gardens in Edinburgh, and many more enjoyable trips.

We pay £2.50 each evening and £1.50 if absent which helps towards the cost of our day out and also our close of session meal, usually held in Wishaw Golf Club.

We would be delighted to welcome any new members who care to join us.  You might well discover that you have a hidden talent, or simply that you enjoy doodling in the company of new friends.

Carol King